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An article about age-related cognitive decline

AGE-Related cognitive decline

What is Intellihat?

Intellihat® is a consumer health device designed to slow the effects of cognitive decline due to natural aging.

Intellihat® is a consumer health device designed to slow the effects of cognitive decline due to natural aging.

What is unique about the Intellihat®

Intellihat® targets a brain region that is a central clearing house for many important brain functions such as memory, attention, judgment, social behavior and more.
The brain’s activity weakens as we age. TES gives our brain circuitry a gentle boost that restores activity toward its level when we were younger. The strength of TES is so low it doesn’t cause brain activity itself. But it makes it easier for the brain to function normally.

It times off after

0 min
of gentle stimulation

It offers up to

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for enhanced effectiveness

Affects Longevity

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after 1 week of usage

Is intellihat safe to use?

Proven Studies

Over 4500 studies show that TES and TdCS are safe .


Widely Used

The current levels used in Intellihat® fall below the range regulated in the USA, Germany, Italy France, and other developed countries.

However, TES should not be used if a person has an unstable mental condition; is on medication for a serious psychiatric condition, or has any metallic implants in the skull. Random waveform TES has been shown to reduce seizure in epilepsy, but should not be used by those with epilepsy without consultation with a doctor

How effective is it?

How effective is Intellihat®?

numerous studies

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of TES in improving cognitive function, including memory, attention, information processing, decision-making, risk assessment, numerical ability, and more.

Several of these studies have been performed on patients with a medical condition that produces noticeable memory loss where TES increased memory performance 20% with effects lasting up to four weeks. (References 5-7)

Testing TES on healthy individuals is more recent. But there are already studies showing measurable improvement of working memory, attention, information processing, decision making and other functions. (See References 8-12)

A recent paper analyzed the results of 19 studies using TES on the same brain target as Intellihat said: “…we found that non-invasive brain stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex induces working memory improvement in both healthy and clinical sample [populations].”

Direct effects of a TES session are measurable up to an hour after use, and studies show that patients having five consecutive daily sessions have benefits lasting two to four weeks. (References 14- 19)

How long do the effects last?

Are there side effects?

At low stimulation levels, most people feel nothing or mild tingling on the scalp. At higher levels, stronger tingling is felt, which some find unpleasant. You can try 8 different stimulation waveforms and strengths to see which ones work best for you. Side effects are dependent on the individual, since we all have different shaped heads, amounts of hair, and thicknesses of our skull.


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