Wearable Technology
for the aging brain

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Who is it for?

Intellihat® is a consumer health device designed to slow the effects of cognitive decline due to natural aging.

Middle aged people

Cognitive decline can start as early as age 30 but people can decrease the effects by a large margin if treated early

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people with cognitive decline

People experiencing symptoms and losses of normal brain functions

elderly people

The older you or your loved ones are, the more Intellihat may be able to help you or them

“I have been working on Intellihat for over ten years because cognitive decline is a major problem with aging. Intellihat combines the best information over the last decade in a comfortable, discrete, and fashionable design.”

Jeffrey E. Arle M.D Ph.D

high end functions that make your life easy!

intellihat specifications

stimulation contacts

Specially designed electrodes to gently deliver stimulation to the brain

high performance microchip

Safe, sophisticated and reliable waveform automator

li-polymer battery

Efficient and long-lasting rechargeable battery discretely placed in the brim

Magnetic Charger

Easy and convenient charging for the device

high quality material

Lightweight and superior quality sports cap

People affected
by cognitive decline today
people projected to
be affected by 2030
Studies to date
on tDCS

cognitive decline

The natural process where mental processes including working memory, visual attention, and reasoning – decline over time. Although cognitive decline can begin as early as age 30, most people begin to notice significant symptoms once they turn 50 years old. Unfortunately, there is no known pharmaceutical or other medical solution to reverse or even slow the rate of age-related cognitive decline. Until now!

The people behind intellihat

Intellihat was founded by two pioneers in the field of neuromodulation, Jeffrey E. Arle, M.D., Ph.D. and Jay L. Shils, Ph.D. Neuromodulation is the use of mild electric fields to stimulate the nervous system.  In addition to authoring over 150 research papers, Dr. Arle and Dr. Shils are the editors and contributing authors to Essential Neuromodulation, Innovative Neuromodulation, Neuromodulation Casebook.

Jeffrey E. Arle
M.D Ph.D

Chief Executive

Jay L.
Shils Ph.D

Technology Officer

Maurizio Patricelli M.S.

Director of


Director of

Are you ready to improve
your health today?

Our product is still in the development phase. If you want to support Intellihat, please visit the Kickstarter page!

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Wearable tech
for the aging brain